In need for a CHANGE

I felt the intensity and no matter how anyone else feels, it is truly time for a change. Change in our economy, in our school systems, and especially in the way we think. I know very few people that have achieved and are still successful in this period. Although I have a job in a field that "will always be needed", I struggle. Although my struggle is not as others, it still hurts me when I can't shop as much :), because I know gas is going to cost me $70 for half of the week. It hurts me when I see people with "stable jobs" lose the job because of downsizing. WHAT ELSE CAN WE TAKE?

I Cried every night of the DNC. YES BOO HOOed. My child asked if I was okay, because I was crying so hard. I cried when Michele spoke about the little girl from the south side that excelled. THAT WAS ME TOO, and I know others that were not as fortunate and it was not because of lack of desire, it was due to lack of exposure and opportunity. I cried when Hillary spoke, because I know she ached, but held her position for the PARTY. How incredible? I cried when Jennifer Hudson sang the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. YES I probably needed a Prozac too, but that's not the issue.

The issue is regardless of Party, RACE or Gender the time is now to look at what has happened in the past 8 years and decide we have had enough. YES WE CAN-make a change

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Mekhismom said...

We most certainly can. I tried to convince folks of that when I was trying to register voters today - I am going to keep trying.

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