Mental Disease or Cancer


I know this is an awful topic, but facing a grandmother that is declining and often forgets even how to button a shirt, lead me to thinking about other illnesses. And I have a question? Is it better/easier to deal with cancer (and still be able to live life and think) or have dementia and at times barely exist?

What so you think?

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Mekhismom said...

I am assuming that you are asking this from the perspective of the relative right? Because I can't answer what my preference would be given these two options - I hope I don't face either. Having had 1 grandparent with dementia and the other (spouse) with cancer it was difficult for both. With cancer my grandfather was able to articulate his wants and I truly prayed for him to be out of his misery. My grandmother lost her mind and was long suffering that was difficult to watch. Of the two cancer might be easier on everyone.

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