Okay to get the full gst of this story we must start back in the winter when the spring products began to dot the aisle of the major department stores....

Also, I must add Coach is my favorite product over water and ummm necesities like pads. If offered the newest bag over the latest lightest "hygeine product" I would wear a rag and sport my new Coach product.

Anywho, I saw the perfect rain golashes in the store that moved in Marshall Fields place, and wouldnt you know, they were out of my size "all over thecountry", per the sales lady. I went to the main store and they were out there as well. It seems I was not the only one obsessing over the boots.

So Friday, I found out DSW had the boots in my size, $30 cheaper and was willing to hold them. So I drive way out on 355 to the new mall and HA!!! My DD who was sleep pee peed on herself in the carseat!! Never before had that happened...That should have been sign number 5, right?

No she has emergency clothes in the car---I reach for them and although she is a 4/5T, the clothes (due to a shopping crazed, yet forgetful mommy) were a size 24 month. Sign 100?

PLEASE PLEASE READ, and try to not be disgusted as again I now know that I was fixated and "high" from the Coach scent....

So I wraped her emergency sweater around her waist and told her to just walk fast we would be in and out. YES HINDSIGHT IS 20/20
I get there by the boots and this morning found a GD sensor on the boots. I still cannot wear them and it was going to rain this week!!

So, PLEASE PLEASE see/hear the word of GOD, cause when you are not supposed to do something...It never works

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1 comment:

Mary said...

Awww...I'm so sorry you can't wear your beautiful boots you worked so hard for! I had an incident sort of like that once - minus the peed little girl.

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