Goodbye Good Luck and Good Riddance!!

Today is payment day at my DD daycare. Since this was also the closest I could get to a 4 week notice, I decided to send my payment in a lovely thank you card. I am happy to say that my child will be leaving this overpriced, all day television watching, cookie eating setting for ALLDAY Preschool!!

So trying to be cordial and nice, I go to hug my child and Ms. Know it ALL (MKA), as we affectionately refer to the daycare owner, in my house, immediately wants to know what is in the card. "OH NO-OH NO, what is that, what is that?" was gasped loudly. So I tell her that we will be leaving soon for a real school. She immediately shouts "which one which one, because if it is a bad one I'ma (spoken as one word) tell you." All I could do was look as the passed 2 years of bewilderment came to my head....

FIRST, Why do you think you know every DAMN thing? MKA earned this name because no matter what topic, what day or language, she will have either a story to trump yours, or has so much knowledge that she must cut you off to tell you what you must do!

Secondly, if I am standing at her door, with my withdrawal notice in my hand, what makes her believe any comment from her, on the school we have selected for her to attend would make any damn difference at this point?

Third, If she was so well versed on the "good schools", why doesnt she try to emulate them instead of putting the children in front of the Disney channel all day?

Forth, why does it cost $ 25 per child to go to Chuck E Cheese, for a field trip?

Fifth, why when I come early are you not home and your husband is playing Playstation while the kids nap, and tells me to hold on so he can save the game?

Sixth, why why why when you see me running in, do you decide to talk about some BS like your hair? Why not ever stop me to talk about the progression in my child, or how she is recognizing SIGHT WORDS, that you probably don't know.

Anyway, I left and immediately put on NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT, by Marvin Sapp. Because only GOD knows, how I have made it this far.

To all childcare providers, we need you and truly thank you for taking good care of our babies. Yet you MUST KNOW WHEN TO SHUT THE F UP.....Sorry

Fysty MaMa

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Noah's Mommy said...

I tell you what....For what they get paid...we should all become day care providers...good for you for finding something better...

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