Where are they now?

I received a message here that we should never regret the past, and I had heard it several times before, but it really hit me this time. I know it is because of this mess going on, I AM A TOTAL MUSH.... Don't tell anyone, but I even cried on that ASPCA
commercial. Anyway I often wonder where these people are and how are they now?

#1 My preschool teacher, especially the one that didn't believe that I had to "use it" and I went on myself to prove it. Does she know I remember that day?

#2 My first bus driver who on Halloween wore a Ernie face every year. Not scary huh?

#3 My first cat Buffy, who made my sister so jealous she would try to flush him down the toilet

#4 The family down the street with 7 kids, and 2 tried to be my friend and left with my Barbie clothes in the pocket? Have they been arrested yet?

#5 My first heart breaker, because I was only in 2nd grade, did I really know love?

#6 The people that stole my dog Rocky, are they resting in hell? How do you take a 6 year old's Benji dog!! I was the only one in the neighborhood that had a Benji dog!!

#7 The 21 year old man that I began to date at 16 because he looked like Prince-I wonder if he made it home after my mother cussed him out about being "too damn old" he left really fast

#8 The kids at RE-RE's aka Ms. Marie' s where I learned the alphabet and how to "go" in the right place successfully. I made a lot of close friends at 1-3 years old.

#9 My first TRAMP roommate..oops, I meant college roommate that had a man sleep in her bed in the shared room on the first night we move in. I wonder if she speaks to children on the horrible effects of (tramping)venereal disease...People love to hear from first hand experience.

#10 My 2nd college boyfriend who gave me a beautiful silver 350, that he decided to teach me how to use in the parking lot. Of course Tramp in #9 told the resident director that I was shooting at her. I want him to know that was a great gift, and with good behavior you can come home early and immediately go get the Food stamps for you and your 4 baby's mothers....

Take the time and think...Do you have some people you just wonder about? Tell me about it.

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