What Do the Lonely DO?

Ok, in this time of craziness, yet high period of boredom, is it okay to internet date? What if the profile is fine as all get out and he has the resume of "Mr. Positive Role Model", should I trust it?
I have had many friends and coworkers that have landed their prospective wives/husbands through this internet thing, all would do again. Yet, I am "paranoid patty" as some like to call me and just too scary to even make that move.

Yes, I do go out and meet alot of people there, and some say the risk is just as great, but is it? When this man knows a friend of a friend that dated my cousins sister in law? I can clearly check references and past dating issues through our common contact. Internet man can only be googled.

How about finding a friend? We are talking a man you may have known in a "past life", yet after reading his blogs and pictures and messages and blah blah.....you feel like you may have missed something. Is this the same thing as internet dating? It is the internet and although I used to know him, I dont have any contacts that can corraborate his new life. He could be the wild killer trying to end my crazy blogging streak.....

I have to admit I was once on Match.com. YES match!! I was getting old farts and bums off of the street with computer access.

Then one of my Sorors found my profile and spread it quickly that I was desperately searching for a man!! I was shocked, even though this same Soror was messing with some old pimp looking fool with skittle colored suits and fake Gucci glasses. Instead of hooking her up with Match.com, because obviously she needed help too, I immeadiately closed my profile. I did not want the folks thinking I was needy....
What do you think?

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1 comment:

Mama's Losin' It said...

Awwww. I say follow your gut. If you choose to meet someone from the internet make sure people know when it's happening and where you are. I'm just that gullible type that would probably go for it. But I think it's good to be a little leary...

In short. I don't have a freaking clue, good luck with that. ;)

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