Finally FRIDAY

This has been the longest week ever. I have started so many projects and promised to quit my job so many times I think they guess as to whether I am coming or going. Today one of my co-workers gave me the number to a good "shrink" that has helped a lot of people she "knows"....

TANGENT----Why the hell is it when you work with women, especially young spoiled brats who dont know their butthole from a hole in the wall do you always have to walk on eggshells? This other psychotic Lisa Bright and Dark Chick starts off a BEE-ATCH and then mid-day wants to come and laugh, joke, and save the world. Within the next ten minutes she is back at the crab from hell. She especially hates it if I, someone close in age, yet her superior, repremands her... Oh well, she probably needs the referral from the other lady

Anyway I am glad for the weekend.....

PS...I am in more contests!!
Go over and visit MOMSATIONAL and check out the cool contests!!

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Mekhismom said...

You are hilarious. Thank you for stopping by my blog because now I can follow you and read your blog daily. Damn, I sound like a stalker! But seriously, you are too funny..and I will be visiting on the regular.

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