Failin Palin

I am sorry I have been unable to write lately, as I have been overwhelmed with the whole POLITICAL RACE!! I hope this country that we live in and love cannot follow a candidate simply because she is has a vagina. I have tried to believe and listen to her views without bias, but where did she come from? If Obama had selected Hillary as a running mate, would she even be a blip on the political radar?

Isn't it also strange, that Change is now the premise of both candidates....

Gotta go-commercial is over....

Will talk more later...


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Mekhismom said...

I call it CRAZY! Please Lord don't let the crazies in the White House - oh wait, don't let them stay in the White House. People! Register to vote!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, she has more political experience than Obama. Just because you haven't heard of her, doesn't mean she isn't qualified. I appreciate that she is in touch with families and cares about life issues. We're all entitled to opinions.

joode said...

To anonymous said...

You contend that Palin is in touch with and cares about life issues. I would wish that she would be in touch with and care about life - people already born, people standing next to her. That she be able to respond when someone is in pain.

She showed her true colors during the debate. When Joe Biden talked about his family dying in a car accident and his voice cracked, his emotion showed, I knew in my heart that Palin HAD to respond - as a thinking, feeling human being - to his pain, standing five feet away.

But no. Palin gave no nod, not even a pretend display at sympathy. She went on an talked about whatever she'd rehearsed.

Palin is, at best, a phony. She's an opportunist and she's got no real concern for anyone outside her privileged life.

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