Everyone has an opinion, that is true, but when you leave a message on a blog, you should reveal who you are, especially if you feel you are correct.

Wait a minute, she has more political experience than Obama. Just because you haven't heard of her, doesn't mean she isn't qualified. I appreciate that she is in touch with families and cares about life issues. We're all entitled to opinions.

September 21, 2008 7:41 AM

This was left as a comment to the previous blog, and maybe I am wrong. I have been a member of my city council for over a year...About the same length of time as Palin has been a Gov. Just speaking of the Gov experience, does that mean we have equal "POLITICAL EXPERIENCE"? I suppose a Juris Doctorate, legal and teaching experience accounts for nothing.

I have a Doctorate and I am running for vice-president of a health care organization, and a women with a BS in Journalism is running for the same position. Yet because she "cares for the people" in speeches, because none of us know the "real" candidate(not even her running mate).... Does that make her the optimal choice?

The republicans question this selection and even talked about dropping her from the campaign. She has never talked about leadership plans once in office.

I would never want to be labled a sexist, as I am definitely against stereotyping, but Palin probably needs to be at home with her kids. I have a child that does not have special needs, and she seeks my attention continuously (to the point of draining me).

Lastly, I am all about change, and yes I admire how quickly she moved through the political ranks. Yet, if you don't desire a position enough to critically analyse its role and historical perspectives (previous allies, party positions, etc)do you really want it? Why are they hiding her from the media? Is it because it is "gotcha journalism" and edited? Do you really think they edited the Katie Couric interview? No that was the "real" candidate, who doesn't know her own running mates history.

Food for thought, would this much fanfare be afforded to the VP candidate if she were African-American?

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Mekhismom said...

If she were AA we would not be having this discussion - it would be a moot point. Americans would be in an uproar over a woman so poorly qualified using "ebonics" with an underage unwed teenage daughter. Neither party would have had her running.

I say if you are going to leave a comment leave your name. We can disagree but let's have a dialogue.

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