Single and Sassy

Last weekend I went to a Male auction. Not the hot sweaty ooh aah naked type, this one was for charity. The local members of Zeta had been doing them for years and I had heard it was the place to be.

So I walk in, and to my chagrin to find that yes you need real money, we would not be using "Zeta" bucks, and look in my wallet to find a single $20 dollar bill!! Unless it was to be a clearance sale, I definitely was not about to buy a bachelor, let alone a drink.

Anywho, the bachelors were walking around talking to the ladies to heighten the bids. My Soror and I talked to a few and decided to take a seat near the front so we could view the "prospects".

I must say we had a ball!! All of the men were educated and had beautiful teeth. There was this one gentleman that passed out roses, we all just giggled like little kids when we received one. I voted on him, but there was a relentless Zeta that wanted him too, and since I had no money (unless I leaned on my friend and Sorors) and this was their function, I conceded.

After it was all over, the bachelors walked around again, socializing freely since the hard part was done. I decided to tell the young gentleman that I had bid for him and lost. He said he was sorry and asked if we could talk about it in detail later...WOO HOO....

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