The Worst Day Ever

Wednesday afternoon I received a call from my darling daughters father, mentioning that we must go meet with the Dean, because HIS child was misbehaving!! After completely panicking, because I called the school daily to receive an admission packet. I wrote a long loving letter to the school to get "THE MOST SOUGHT Teacher" in the Preschool 3 section. How could she betray me and act so badly that the entire family needs to go the DEAN? To say the least, I was crushed, yes the super POLITICO, often brazen OBAMA MAMA sat sobbing for fear my child was doomed for life.
After pulling myself together, I called him back to find out what happened. Taylor had a small tiff over a seat and decided to hit the child and say "no no". After that she pushed a young man because he wouldn't let her go first. Lastly, the teacher reported that she put a classmate in a head lock.

I am a firm believer in listening to the teacher and following up at home with the child. Too many times the educators in my family have shared stories of folks going off on them because there was a problem with their child. So the next I went to the school and talked with our teacher and she said Ms Taylor is very strong willed. She often thinks she knows it all and will not accept direction. If another child goes against her, she will pinch or hit and say "no no". After hearing that, all I could do was thank her for her time and walk away. Taylor was acting in school as she sees her mother act everyday...I sent myself to the Deans Office.

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