OMG It's @WTALconf or Woman Thou Art Loosed Time!!!

I am up very early this morning in anticipation of the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference to be held in Atlanta, Georgia beginning TOMORROW! We are about to hit the road, as we are driving and fellowshipping our way into GA! I know there must be a blessing in this conference because I have been fighting the enemy on every corner just to make it!

Do you know about Woman Thou Art Loosed? This is an annual conference hosted by none other than Bishop and Serita Jakes!! This year the conference will include Pastor Sheryl Brady, Pastor Paula White and Dr. Cindy Trimm and will be held at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta on October 4-6, 2012.

I told you I am waiting in expectancy because I know it is going to be a blessing in the building. So if you me running, shouting, or just laying prostrate-just hold my mule, (and make sure I'm okay -aka- nothing improper is showing) and join me in worship!

I plan to update my journey down to Atlanta and during the conference so let's KIT.

Love you and God Bless!


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