I'm So Full-but I'm Stretching For Increase!!

There are times in your life when you feel like God is just moving and shaking every fiber of your being! I have had such a pouring into of my spirit, not only by attending the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference, but also by the teachings of my Pastor, EITI Eagles preparation, and the daily communication with God.

On yesterday, my Pastor had an anointing service (applying of oil and prayer-in case you didn't know) and the spirit was so strong, we knew we were in for a blessing!!! All I could do was lay in the presence of the Lord! I know He is doing a new thing in me and I am ready for it.  Side note-I believe I know what this new thing is God is working out of me, but ....We will discuss more later.

Prior to attending the anointing service DD said "Mommy please don't embarrass me" as she was afraid and embarrassed about worship.  After a long discussion, she forgot about me and was ready to get her worship on.  My child was excited to have the anointing poured for her...Ain't he good.  

Pastor Sheryl Brady Book Signing
Pastor Cheryl Brady @ Book signing
Isreal Houghton
Pastor Brady at Apostolic Faith Church
Finally tonight I had to go see Pastor Sheryl Brady again!! She's in Chicago for the FaithWorks conference at Apostolic Faith Church, where Bishop Horace Smith is the Pastor.  Pastor Brady's got an anointing and a fresh word is shared every time I see her.  Again....Filled to the brim! Just know: a renewed mind allows you to change in all other areas of your life! I want to be pliable and adaptable so when God Pours Into Me...I will not burst.  I am renewing my Mind to stretch because OLD (stuck/religious/dead) MINDS  CAN'T HOLD NEW BLESSINGS!


OMG!!! I must share how AWESOME it was to be surprised by one of the "King's Men", Isreal Houghton.  He ushered the Spirit of Worship a little higher in preparation for the message. He made us Take The Limits OFF! How appropriate....

No Limits

No Boundaries
I see increase 
All around me
Stretch forth
Break forth
Release me
Enlarge my territory

Isreal Houghton @ FaithWorks 2012



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