KLOV Concert 2012, Prayer and Bible Study

This has been an AWESOME week filled with mind blowing Prayer, online bible study and concerts!!  Not only did we interview Worship Leader, Pastor, Writer extraordinaire, Sheryl Brady, but I finally finished the BOOK!! Pastor Brady has authored You Have It in You, and although I had to stop for praise breaks, I  finished reading it!  I received so many messages from God during this time..Destiny delivered in increments..I will detail you later.

I have also received daily blessings from devotional pages on Facebook! First, Bishop TD Jakes has been tweeting his daily pecking orders, as a result of his message at #WTAL.

The second Facebook devotional/bible study l is a group of  Women reading and discussing Proverbs over the course of 31 days!  If you have never read Proverbs, it is a must.  This challenge is pushing us to endure through tough times. We must go through tough pruning seasons, so we are able to grow stronger/tougher fruit!  I know God is trying to do something in me because Proverbs can cut deep.  Today we were given an additional challenge:

Proverbs 31 Challengers: All of you will read this post at different times and on different days. So, after you read it, I submit to you, during your 15 minute daily prayer time, to PRAY FOR THE NEXT 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS for these intangible seeds that will yield a righteous and holy harvest. Seek ye first the KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS righteousness, everything else that you need WILL BE ADDED TO YOU. 
If your accountability partner is not on FB, please relay this post to them as well. Please take these request to heart: 

1.Pray to posses the Joy of the Lord, The Peace of God, and The Love of God.
2.Pray for a submitted will to GOD'S PERFECT WILL.
3.Pray to study to be quiet.
4.Pray for A TAMED tongue(binding the desire to always have the last word)
5.Pray to fight with prayer NOT with words or manipulation.
6.Pray for a pleasant personality and disposition ALWAYS!
7.Pray to ALWAYS tell the truth.
8.Pray for a DESIRE TO pray.
9.Pray for a DESIRE to study God's word AND for divine revelation.
10. Pray for Supernatural Wisdom BEYOND your years AND experience.
11. Pray for the COURAGE to LIVE UP to the woman that God has ALREADY CALLED you to be IN EVERY AREA IF YOUR LIFE!

 Do you want to join the challenge?  Do you think you can do it? For more information CLICK HERE

choir concert 2012
Kenny Lewis and One Voice Concert 2012

This week, I was also privileged to attend the Kenny Lewis and One Voice concert at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church!  Wow, the Spirit was so heavy, we had plenty of praise breaks!!  I am excited about their new release and local artists gracing the stage that evening.  Those Turner Sisters...Whooo! They did an acapella song that left us all hungry for more. Look out for a new release from them soon.

Last but not least, I have been invited to join Mr. Ty Melody on the Melody of Praise Radio show hosted on   WCSU radio, an I Heart Radio Station !! This show features Gospel artists locally and abroad, Pastors and special guests with information for the Worship community.

The Jewish New Year (remember Jesus was a Jew) began in September. This new year 5773 is also known as Ayin Gimel.  During Ayin Gimel, the Lord will demonstrate faithfulness to the one who counts Him as faithful.  The Lord our God will elevate our vision and source of provision!  The Camels of provision are Coming!!

I am so excited about all that God is doing in my life, and I know He is doing big things in yours as well.  Share how God is moving in your life! Leave a comment or tweet me @FystyMama . I look forward to sharing with you soon!

God Bless-

Fysty Mama also known as Lady A :-)

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