3 Reasons I'm Glad I'm an Older Fysty Mama

I guess you can do the math, but this year was a monumental year for me and my DD. We both celebrated turning the big _0! Ms. Meep, became a double digit and I became one of the oldest mommies at the birthday parties!

It's okay, I once felt bad being one of the oldest adult parents in the group, but there are 3 good reasons why I am now okay.

Reason #1: I have already overcome the drama.

So, if you have read any of my posts here or on InspireMe, you know I have been up, down, in and out and can write a book about it.  Therefore, I don't respond to the dumb things that may arise when dealing with a 10 year old:

  • No, you won't get Jordans and I don't care if you say you will starve yourself or run away....
  • Yes teacher, I have reviewed all of her assignments and kept a nice file of all assignments returned, so please update your Powerschool to reflect the grades on the assignment
  • Yes, they talked about you in class, but they talked about Jesus! Are you better than Jesus?
Reason #2: I have a little more flexibility with my career
When I was younger, I didn't have any flexibility because I was working to work to work to work. I had no need for breaks and the money was great.  As I matured, I realized that I needed a work/life balance.  I was really forced to learn this when I had to find childcare during my late night working hours and the daycares closed at 6pm....Hmmp....Who worked 9 to 5 anyway?!?!?

Now I do....I needed this flexible schedule as a MOM and TayMeep loves it.  Having obtained more experience (yes I was working for a while before I had my baby) I was able to shift and now I can pretty much make myself available to "assist the teachers" and support my daughter as needed.....I didn't want to do that several years ago....

Reason #3: I have a chill little girl
Yep, I believe because I am seasoned FystyMama: slower and just a tad bit older than the mom's of many of my child's friends, my daughter is just an overall calm little lady.  She is used to having mature conversations and ready to pack up and go in a heartbeat.  If I don't move I believe she would get ready for school and leave without me saying a word...

So, all in all I am a little bit older than some, but I won't complain.  With age comes wisdom, patience and a little more freedom to remain Fysty!

Love ya-

Lady A

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