Yes I'm A Sneaky Mama

So, for those of you that have missed me, I am back!! I have been hosting a blog on ChicagoNow called Inspire ME and it takes a lot of time!!

Well, Ms. Tates is now a 10 Year Old Pre-Teen!!!
and I have enjoyed every moment with her!

We travel and read and argue?? (yes, I know), but I love it all.


That is why I have become SNEAKY MAMA in addition to the FystyMAMA!
My child has a very strong aversion to vegetables and fruit! This drives me crazy because I want to expand our dinner options, but I also want her to enjoy mealtime!

So, I purchased the Deceptively Delicious book, hoping that I could come up with creative ways to sneak veggies into her meals.  THIS BOOK WAS A GOD SEND!

I began blending broccoli and adding it to burgers. I added carrots to cookies and finally, I added blended apples to Kool-Aid!!! Yes, I turned a normally empty drink into a fiber filled delicacy!

So I plan to share my Sneaky Recipes soon, so come back for more!

If you have any deliciously sneaky recipes that have worked for your family, share them with me!

After all, with friends we can make this FystyMama thing look easy!!!

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