Just Wait A Minute and You Will Learn!

Yep, I realized the words my mother and grandmother spoke so often, unfortunately are true.

If you keep it up....you'll learn.

If you don't stop and think, you'll learn the hard way.

Keep on living, you'll see.

Today, I feel it.
I am learning.
I've got lemons and I don't want dang lemonade.

A few months ago I made a decision that I believed would improve the lives of so many.
I prayed, I received confirmation, and I left.

I left a big big town with many friends and relations to go to a small small town fueled with inequality and even less friends and relations.  However, this town landed on my "trajectory" plan.

Little discomfort...for big rewards, RIGHT?

Anyway, to make this move to the Bang (my name for the town), I had to make a deal with my co-parent, BD, non-custodial partner, to ensure he had time. I wanted to be sure we had two happy parents.....

I offered holidays and summer break and knew with technology "FACE-minutes" and chat it would be like we were still next door.

Until today.

4 months in the Bang and I felt like this:


as my baby pulled away from the curb.

Although I complain daily about "mommying" and really looked forward to a camp, sports, begging-free summer....I was lost and sad.

I have yet to put on clothes....walking around looking at her empty room.
I even think Melot misses her....

Yes, I know she is alive, but she is not here.

Did he feel like this when I decided what was best for EVERYONE?
Was I selfish in making this decision?

Hmmp....this lesson hurts.

Pray Saints!

So in my sadness I called BD and cried. I cried without fear of judgement, because recognized that I'd deemed his feelings/desires irrelevant......and I was wrong.

This lesson allowed me to learn that life is short, the time we have with our babies is even shorter. We have to do what's right: make amends, show love, ask for forgiveness, get healthy, etc. so we can enjoy this life a little longer. 

What is it that you need to do/learn before the lesson gets "taught"?

I'm telling you....you don't want to wait because the lesson hurts!

Your time is now.

I'm praying for you as you pray for me!

Love Ya!


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