Where Oh Where Have You Been???

It has been exactly 391 days since my last post, and  I only just realized it as I entered a contest!! Thanks to Calendar Counter Page for this wonderful chart to show me how delinquent I have been!
Rounded:Rounded Up:Rounded Down:
Number of days391 days391 days391 days391 days
Number of weeks55,86 weeks56 weeks56 weeks55 weeks
Number of months13,03 months13 months14 months13 months
Number of years1,07 years

So, what is going on????
  • My DD had another wonderful bday party this year for her 7th! I have decided that there will never be another overdone celebration like the ones we have had.  This wonderful party was held at EXPENSIVE-HIDDEN IN THE HILLS-BOUNCY Land.  I have protected the name from the innocent.  DD had over 32 kids and PARENTS (that stayed and wanted to eat)!!! OMG...We could have travelled to France for cheaper.  Even though it sounds bad, I am thankful that we have such wonderful friends and family that want to share in our momentous occasions!  
  • I am currently working to complete my training in EITI-Eagles International Training Institute For Dance Ministers! I am diving into the word of God so that I am able to minister His word effectively!  See Definition from Website below. Once I am back on track with my homework ;-), I will be able to share what I have learned during this time!
The Eagles International Training Institute for dance ministers is a One-year intense, in-depth training program for those who desire to go to the next level in their ministry and grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus. Should you meet all of the requirements, your year may culminate by becoming a licensed minister under Set Free Ministries.

  • I am not seeking licensure at this time, but feel a calling on my life to Minister the word...Hold on, stay with me and see where this goes :-).
  • We are preparing for Shake The Nations-Where all people across the world are going to unite in dance!  You must join us irregardless of dance background.  It will be an AWESOME time in the LORD!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

    • I am a new RUNNER!!! I began my running fun with BGR!!! and I love it! The only problem is childcare in the morning when we go :-(.  It is okay, I am making it work and love how my body feels post run!! As I mentioned before...I was trying to enter a contest and realized that my blog was (gasp) abandoned...the contest is for a Muddy Run!! Doesn't that sound like fun!!  The Pretty Muddy is coming up really soon, and I am gathering friends now!!  However, this is one of the more costly runs of the ones I plan to do, sooooo that is why I entered A Stay At Home Mom's Pretty Muddy Contest!!!... So, as I train, complain and grow into this season, I will definitely keep you in the loop. 
    • I am also trying to keep a Happiness journal as discussed on OWN!! I look forward to seeing my end result...

    So, FystyMama is back-Running On-Ready to see what the end is going to BE!

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