Virtual Running...Does it Count?

As I glance at my budget, I notice that I am one run away from falling in a financial mudpit!  In my anxiousness to sign-up for every 5K run I could handle, I forgot that I have a household to maintain.  Yet to my surprise, and thanks to BGR Sisters, I found  out about VIRTUAL RUNs!!!  These runs are completed at your own leisure and guess what...THEY ARE CHEAPER, and support a CAUSE!!!  I am currently looking at two for August...

  1. Barking Mad About Breast Cancer Virtual 10K!
  2. The Great Cupcake Race!
Again, hopefully this will cure my need to RUN RUN RUN, without continuing to rip a hole in my purse!

What do you do to get your run fix and not break the bank?  Suggestions welcomed!


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