Twitterbug Baby!

I have been bitten by the Twitterbug! This overwhelming, time snatching program has spread like a virus and has infected by entire lifestyle!  I talk with #hashtags and even when I send an email, I use the @person format, even though I know the message will not suddenly appear in their inbox.  I know I am late, but I was "one of those" that would never do something like "tweet"...Oh well!

Through snooping on various peoples TLs (timelines) I found that Tweetdeck allows me to not only view what is going on in my Twitlife, but also my facebook life!!! WoW! I also added the app to my phone, so I am never without a wonderful update on someones life! I can only blame the virus, as twitter overtakes me and makes me scroll through my timeline for hours and hours.

Yes, I am still very careful with my information, but found that this format allows me to be nosey and no one even knows the better!

I must add-Twitter is not only for snooping!  I have also found a lot of  positive things that happen via the many connections one makes on Twitter.  I have had prayer, learned of exciting events in my town, and found information that was very beneficial to my Facebook friends.  One person I am following even said there have been several Twitmarriages and Twitterhookups!


My Newfound TwitterFavs:
  1. #Tworship- This sensational idea is from Richard Mayhan or @mcProdigal.  You go to a website at the designated time and listen to Praise and Worship music and Tweet your praises.  It is awesome!
  2. Positive Tweets-I am following several Pastors, public speakers, and just lovers of God which makes my TL mindblowing. My favs thus far are (in no particular order):
      1. @NatalieSGrayson
      2. @rob4scripture
      3. @LifeVerse
      4. @catherinefru
      5. @visadklline
      6. @BishopJakes
      7. @RevRunWisdom
  3. My News Tweeting at all times of the night and morning fav is @KevinMinott (hopefully I grow from his assistance!)
  4. My Fav Tweeter Friend (friend also IRL) but didn't know me in the "Twitter world" is @LittleTechGirl-Great tips for those that can keep up! I promise I am getting there
So, I hope this information helps-so you too can become Twitfected by theTwitterbug!

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