It's My Daddy On The Phone

It has been a hectic time in my life! DD just graduated from Kindergarten, which to most would not be a major problem, however most do not have a such a special 6 year old~

The problem began with DD's wonderful 6th birthday! I tell you the cost to host something at B Zone is enough to feed a small village. Nevertheless, after many days of waiting for RSVPs, on May 11 we had over 22 kids celebrate with Ms. T. 

SIDEBAR------> I think parents have to stop using RSVP on the invite and clearly state "I am paying $10 a child for this party-if you can or cannot attend let me know.  I am on Twitter Facebook and see you as we drop off our children at school/church/Girl Scouts.  I also live in a location accessible by carrier pigeons".  Maybe then we would have a decent head count before the party begins.

SIDEBAR #2-----> God Knows I am not cheap, but when did parents stay and eat food faster than the invited children? One parent even ordered more cups from the Party HOST!!! This was not to replace the family dinner

Anyway, the cake was awesome, the magician was late, but Ms. T received over $400 in gifts and the magical (cue background angels on harps) CELLPHONE!  YES my DD's wonderful father gave her the ultimate gift that trumped all other gifts.  DD even asked me "So where is your present for me mommy?"!

Yes! That is when the drama began my DD became a monster. She would wake up in the morning and call everyone and anyone that would answer.  Her older sister said "I will call you back in 5 minutes".  DD watched the clock feverishly-waited 5 mins and called her back.  After checking the call log I found that she actually redialed that number 6 times within 10 minutes.

Her dad calls and we hear "Its My Daddy on the Phone ring tone" over and over and over...

Yet, in the midst of my complaining, I was soon provided the overall reason why I let her keep the phone.  On May 17, 2011, DD called me from the van of her aftercare provider (thank God I was in my office) and told me the driver left her in the van alone.  We talked for about 5minutes while she described the location and tried to spell the store he had gone in. I remained calm (again the GRACE of GOD) so she would be calm and when he returned I hung up and proceeded to contact him.

Now, as you may know, I do overreact sometimes, but I had "heard" from DD that he would step away from the van, but he always said he remained in view of the van and she was fine.  Today I had proof that he was not in eyesight and was gone a long time.

I called him (again still calm) and asked if he had left DD in the van.  When he immediately yelled instead of answering the question, I received my answer.

DD did not return-Thank God for the cellphone!


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Catherine Fruisen said...

thank God for that phone!! wonderful post. so glad to have found your blog. your daughter is gorgeous!! blessings, ~ c

Lady A- The FystyMama said...

Thank you for the comment! I appreciate your support and daily twitter inspirational quotes!

Thank you!

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