I Am: Borrowed

I borrowed this from Sarah and I really liked it.Some of her answers even matched mine!!

Thanks Sarah

I am: content
I think: I take on too many projects
I know: God is LOVE.
I want: to grow
I have: a wonderful child
I wish: my grandmother was healthy
I hate: LIES
I miss: friends from college!
I fear: mice
I feel: kinda tired, if only I could go to bed
I hear: the television in the next room
I smell: Melot, our yorkie!!
I search: for the answers to lifes questions
I wonder: what God's plan for us is. AMEN to that one!!
I regret: Not marrying my college sweetheart, he was the kindest man I have ever met
I ache: at times, but I move past it
I care: about everything!! Often I care too much!!
I always: stay on the computer too long
I am not: sure about which steps to take next.
I believe: in Jesus Christ.
I dance: whenever I hear, think, or feel a beat!!
I sing: whenever I can.
I cry: it seems like everyday. Worse around that time of the month!!
I don’t always: listen, even though I act like I do.
I fight: till the end
I write: via email quite frequently
I win: all the time, in my world
I lose: sometimes, and even more than I admit
I never: stop eating when I should
I confuse: people
I listen: when I want to
I can usually be found: on the computer.
I am afraid of: MICE, deathly afraid!!
I need: a long vacation
I am happy about: my life thus far and my healthy growing child!!

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Anonymous said...

I like this...I may have to 'borrow' it for my blog as well. After bloggy carnival week though, because with all the entering, I don't have time for much posting now. :o)

Deathly afraid of mice, huh? Me too. Luckily that is not something we encounter a lot where I am at...instead it's rattlesnakes, scorpions & cockroaches. Yes, I am deathly afriad of cockroaches.

Chelsey said...

So where is your college sweetheart??? Is he taken?

I think you should do whatever you can to live a life of no regrets. If you've lost touch can you contact him and see where he's at in life?

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