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Hello All,

This is blog numbr UNO!! This is the first of many sililoquies to come. I am not sure if that is the right word, but I feel like I am just typing my thoughts to myself, never knowing who will read them.

To begin, I am Fysty Mama, as I used to be a really feisty chick, but then I had a child and most of that has been settled. I can still call upon the FYSTY one but mostly she is too tired to raise hell because there is little left after yelling STOP, NO, and DONT!! Today it is especially true because as I am trying to enter my world of blogging ,I cannot put in THE LITTLE MERMAID fast enough and someone decides to do it themselves! So I have pulled out a jammed in tape (inserted the longway) cooked dinner (Pizza Hut) and pulled out attire for tomorrow and it is just 8pm. There is no Fysty Mama tonight.

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Sarah said...

Happy to help!

mrscjallen said...

No kids of my own, so I don't run into a lot of the same battles {neither my hubby nor my cat have ever put the VCR tape in longways. ;o)} but I've had days like this. Days when you look at the clock and wonder if it stopped because there is no way it can ONLY be 8pm.

Good luck on your blog.

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