Now Tell Me Who Is Crazy?

Early in October my darling child and I were shopping and she professed with all the strength and air in her lungs, that she needed this doll as we browsed the aisles of Walmart. I laughed and told her that she had a doll like this one, and she quickly replied no I don't I need the potty.

Let me explain. "Baby Alive Learns to Potty" is the item that caused this massive outburst in the middle of Walmart. The doll mommy purchased last year was "Baby Alive Sip and pee" or something like that. All that I know is this wonderful purchase was out of a six dollar pack of pampers before we even finished cleaning up wrapping paper last Christmas. So a definite NO was in my heart and mind about bringing Baby Alive #2 into my house.

Let me tell you why I am questioning my sanity at this point in my life. Remember, that doll was not in any plans in my life. Yet, my child didn't receive that memo so she has repeated the fact that she wants "baby potty" to every living soul that would listen. Not to mention every trip to Wallys we hear about "baby potty". Her D daddy (d can mean darling or damn or dumbass at any point in time, so I will often refer to him as such) asks what is this she keeps talking about because he will get it for her for Christmas. My child excitedly brings him the Super Deluxe Toys R Us book and shows him everything she wants. And because "daddy" is a super hero with all power to do and get anything she wants, my child believes that she is getting all of the toys because she told "daddy". I prayed he would for once handle his business.

Recently, I received a free shipping coupon for Toys R US and they have a promotion for the "baby pott" bonus pack, with extra food and pampers. I call DD and ask him does he have the doll and he said " I got it". His words verbatim. I again asked and he said I will go get it myself don't worry about it. So I let it go. CLUE #1 I know better

Two weeks ago (still no doll purchased by DD) I go to Wallys and the manager says he cant keep baby potty on the shelf. I say oh no. It is over. I go to the TRUS website, the promotion is gone and so is the doll. Sold out.

Target sold out

Walmart sold out has doll but for over $100 for the chocolate, 20$ for the Caucasian (a whole other story). This alerts me to the fact that "everyone" wants this doll.

So finally I call Toys R US and they have had none, but have a truck coming in, and to call back in the morning. I call at 6am they have 10 and cannot hold the doll. I get myself and daughter dressed thinking how will this work? I arrive at TRUS 2 hours later and find the aisle and there are NO chocolate "baby potty" dolls. I start screaming because I am fed up!! I could have had the doll a couple of months ago for 20-30 dollars cheaper and this was not my d@#^ gift!! DD said he could do it himself. Knowing what I know, I couldn't let my baby down, so I took over as usual. CLUE #2

So while I am screaming a lady says just buy the Hispanic doll it is close enough. She said that's t he one she has and it will have to do. LET ME JUST mention, I am in no way saying that I don't like the Caucasian or Hispanic toys, or respect the people and cultures. I just want the baby to resemble my baby. So a friendly associate helps look for the doll especially since I just called 2 hours prior and it was 8am!! So she finds one I clap and dance and point her to the register. CLUE #3

What was my child doing at this point, you ask? Upon entry into TRUS she went into an "I want this frenzy". Yes she was in the aisle as I freaked out, but she was so busy carrying the Hispanic version, she was oblivious to anything I was doing. So as we left to pay for this overpriced toy, she never saw go to the register, she realized there was nothing for her in my hand. She had to leave the Hispanic "potty" and got nothing. So of course she goes into a fit about how "mommy's mean" saying "I don't want you" and I just carried her to the register, saying something about Christmas and bad girls. Clue #4

I still bought the doll and extra food without her knowing anything.

So again, I say tell me who is crazy? I have all the clues, but didn't stop myself from going over the edge. First, I am frugal and always buy in advance. I have toys in my closet for future birthday parties, so why I didn't grab stupid "baby potty" when she was 30$ instead of 60$ is beyond me. Secondly, this is not my d#$% gift!!. Lastly, I firmly believe in discipline and chuckle a little bit when I see the other parents and meltdowns in toy stores. Usually I can look at Miss Thing and the madness will stop. I don't know who or what that was in TRUS.

Hopefully, my foolishness can help you notice your own strange behaviors and prevent you from going over the deep end of in this Christmas madness.

She better like this Doll. And yes, I called DD and made him pay me immediately!

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African-American Brides said...

LOL! I don't blame you one bit. Kids are something else the way they sometimes get us to jump through hoops. :)

PS- Let me know if you want to exchange blog links. My parenting blog is

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