In the midst of my overflowing emotions, I want to congratulate President Elect Barack Obama and Michelle. This has been a long tumultuous affair that has left me hopeful, and unusually happy.
I must admit that my feelings were exposed during this campaign, as I felt this land that we "sometimes" love was over populated by racist and hateful people. Often the comments and criticisms about Barack had undertones of hatred and fear, and I felt as if they were directed at me. You see, African Americans have this link, this bond, that although we may have never met, seeks to unite and protect our brothers and sisters. I don't know how or where this unspoken bond began, but I know that when it is not felt-there is definitely a problem.
So, I say all of this to say that Barack has now asked to share this unspoken bond with everyone. For although this was quite a momentous occasion for African Americans, he said it was momentous for everyone. He was able to let go of the bitter, hateful slurs of the past, and a even asked the other party members to help him succeed. This showed me a man of true character, and although for some reason some people cannot see this (non-voters), he still acknowledges their presence and asked for their help as well.
As I cry-then smile, order more t-shirts and download more campaign music, I am hopeful and thankful. Hopeful for our future, hoping that I can only be as humble, and thankful for how far we have come.

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Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love the drinks. I am still reeling from the win!

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